KHP OPP 3 In 1

KHP OPP 3 IN 1 is very popular heat insulation and sound insulation steel roof sheet found in the present market. KHP OPP 3 IN 1 is made up of metal roofing, XLPF (Cross-Linked polyethylene) foam and aluminium foil moulded into a single layer.

It is eliminates unnecessary multiple construction processes of laying insulations and roofing sheets into one off fast and easy way of installation course. These resulted in great reduction of construction expenditure in term of labour usage, transportation, storage and purchasing costs.

KHP OPP 3 IN 1 are available in 3 profile, KIMDECK OPP, KIMROOF OPP, and KHP CRIMP CURVE OPP. Because of this variety choice, KHP OPP 3 IN 1 nowadays is widely used in a range of applications such as factories, warehouse, workshop, hawker centres, parking complexes, multipurpose halls, sport complexes, schools, dormitories worker quarters, residential houses and other applications.

Thickness: 0.30MM, 0.33MM, 0.35MM, 0.40MM, 0.47MM

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